Forum Review

Go forth and mic drop the Gospel, what Jo Chappell took form Forum 2017

What a great five days of Friends, Faith, Fellowship and Forward thinking. In a field somewhere in Shropshire (5km from the Welsh border as Bangor decided to find out) full of Christians like us: loving Jesus and having a passion to evangelise to our campuses.

forum 1

The amazing power of over 1500 voices praising the name of our Lord Almighty, what a better to way to start your morning. Well, some people had gone to early morning prayer – good on you guys, proud. Followed by some powerful teaching from Christopher Ash who spoke on 2 Corinthians for 3 mornings.

forum 2

During the day, we did Mission Equipping Tracts, workshops to be thinking about the relationship between our studies and our faith, workshops for CU excellence and conservations on all sorts of aspects of life including our own Sam Liu’s: Balancing busy lifes.


Then back in the Arena tent for the evening meeting for worship, teaching and all round Jesus greatness. Here are some of the awesomeness I’ve taken away with me:


  • Be unashamed of sharing the gospel, everyone needs it:

‘For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes.’ Romans 1:16

I think Paul needed a mic drop after that and so do you. Go forth and mic drop the Gospel – but don’t forget about follow up, it’s important!

  • We are Christ Ambassadors for our universities, do as Jesus did, he went and spoke about Jesus to everyone especially the most unlikely to society.


As well as all the cool things going on, the time spent together as a CU getting to know each other better was fantastic. Cardiff also won the unofficial game of Capture the Flag thanks to Tom Baker, sadly our skills were not quite as great when it came to rounders but we’re all entering the Kingdom of God so it’s all good.

What a great 5 days, thanks UCCF, Cardiff CU and Jesus!

forum 3

Jo Chappell

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