Shops In Cardiff

Here are some good shops to go to, for everything from household items to where to buy a SIM card…

Hi, I am Amy, and I am going into my third year studying Physics. I enjoy all things creative, especially painting whilst hanging out with friends! Since moving to Cardiff a lot of my budget is spent on fancy coffee, because there is a cute coffee shop on almost every corner! One of my favourite things to do in Cardiff is explore the arcades near the castle, because there are so many beautiful shops up there.

When coming to the UK to live, some of the best shops to buy homewear are Wilko, Argos and John Lewis. All of these shops are in the city centre on Queen street or in St David’s shopping centre. John Lewis is more expensive but better quality for things like duvets and pillows, but Argos and Wilko have everything else at a much better price! Wilko also has lots of cleaning supplies too. Also in the city centre, Boots and Superdrug are good for toiletries. Some good stationary shops are Rymans, WHSmiths and Waterstones (which is more of a bookshop). The Students Union also have their own bookshop. If you are living in Taly, or live further away from the city centre, the big Tesco sells homewear like bedding and crockery at a good price too.

Some good shops on Albany Road are Savers, Ripple and Greggs. Savers sells toiletries and cleaning supplies very affordably. Ripple is really good for zero waste groceries, just remember to bring containers! And you will find Greggs everywhere, selling sausage rolls and yumyums (a very sweet pastry)!

Some good places to grocery shop are Lidl (very close to the Student union), Aldi and Tesco (both near Taly). Tesco is slightly more expensive, but it’s huge! There are also lots of corner shops everywhere like Sainsbury’s and the Co-operative which tend to cost more but are convenient. And T&A Store, which is near Senghennydd accommodation, is a good off-licence.

Some of the most popular banks in the UK are Barclays, Lloyd’s, Santander, Halifax, Nationwide, and HSBC. All of these banks have student accounts, and to register you need various ID including photo ID, like your passport. Note that some banks require evidence of planning to stay in the UK for at least 9 months before registering.

Some popular places to get SIM cards are; GiffGaff, Vox, Three, O2, Vodaphone and EE. All of these stores can be found in the City centre except GiffGaff, which are only online.

There’s a good print shop in the Students’ Union, which has pretty good rates.

Some good pubs to go to are: Gassy’s (near Senghennydd), The Woodvile (near Lidl), Crwys (on Crwys Road), Heath Pub (Whitchurch Road), Prince of Wales (in the city centre; it is an old theatre converted into a pub!), Flora (Cathays Terrace) and The Great Western. Gassy’s and The Woodville have good deals like Wings Wednesday, where chicken wings are only 25p each!

There are lots of great places to eat out in Cardiff, but here are some of my favourites! Mowgli’s on Crwys Road, The Balti Cuisine on Woodville Road and Mowgli Street Food on Church Street (very picture-worthy!).

I hope that this post has been helpful. If so, save for later because there’s a lot to take in! Just message me if you have any questions 😊

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