Places To Go In Cardiff

Hey international students, Welcome to Cardiff!

Are you worried about stepping into this new milestone and settling into university? Moving into university is always exciting, and a bit of a challenge, especially as an international student. Nevertheless, having been in your shoes, I can assure you that it is not as daunting as it seems, and there are plenty of things to look forward to being in Cardiff.

First and foremost, I’d advise you all to invest in a sturdy umbrella, especially since Cardiff is one of the cities with the highest annual rainfall in the UK. Moreover, because of the frequent rain and sunshine, you may occasionally find a rainbow in the sky, reminding us of God’s promise to Noah and us mankind in Genesis 9. He has set his rainbows in the clouds, as the sign of the covenant between Him and the earth.

There are three train stations in Cardiff: Cardiff Central, Cardiff Queen Street (located by the city centre) and Cathays, which is located right next to the Student Union. In addition, there are many train stations across the UK, so buy a ticket and hop on the train, to explore other cities, and make good use of your time here in the UK! For those on a lower budget, taking the National Express, or MegaBus is also a nice choice.

Cardiff Central Train Station

There are also many nice study spots around the city. My personal favourite on campus is the study area on the 3rd floor of the Student Union: a nice, quiet space, with wide tables and sofas, as well as a small kitchen, to comfortably study and chill with friends.

The different university libraries, with the Arts Social Science Library (ASSL) in Cathays in particular, are also hot spots for studying.

In town, there are also many cute cafés in the different arcades, where you can catch up with your friends, as well as study together.

A more unique spot I enjoy studying at is inside the Cardiff Castle. There is a café, as well as a few tables set on the greens inside Cardiff Castle. Furthermore, for students studying in Cardiff, when presenting your student card upon purchase, can obtain the Castle Key, with 3 years of unlimited entry, at a price of £6.

Cardiff Castle

As you discover more of the city on your own and with your friends, I’m positive you’ll find your own unique spot to chill, relax, as well as study, during your time of studies.

Do you want to laze on the grass and have a nice picnic with your friends, or take a stroll after a long day to relax? Bute Park and Roath Park are also great spots to go, especially if you’re a nature lover, like me. There are plenty more things for you to explore in Cardiff, and we can’t wait to meet all of you soon.


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