Our Committee

The Christian union has a committee and various sub-committees to help organise meetings, events, and missions.

Male President

I’m Jack and I’m in my third year of studying Pharmacy. I am the male president of the CU thi64BA3B4A-408A-4D11-80EC-E465A86AD678s year which means I help the committee run do their jobs to serve the CU, along with Marianne. I love Cardiff Uni CU because it’s a group of lots of different people all united around Jesus Christ and who all have the aim to tell our friends about Him. I’ve found some of my best friends I’ve met through CU so come along and meet us! I enjoy watching and playing sports, music and travelling.

Contact me on malepresident.cfcu@gmail.com if you have any questions about anything.

Female President

14643221_10213091552145593_1725801426_nI’m a third year Pharmacy student and I love people! God has given me a passion for the lost and lonely students of Cardiff: I’m eager to see people’s lives changed by meeting with Jesus and knowing the unbelievable love he has for each and every one of us. It’s so exciting to be part of God’s plan in changing the lives of those around us and see incredible breakthroughs. I would love for you to join us!

If you want to get in touch: femalepresident.cfcu@gmail.com

The secretary of CU serves by coordinating and communicating between the committee, speakers and the Student Union. Practically the role mainly involves taking minutes of committee meetings, booking rooms and inviting and communicating with speakers.

Hall Group Coordinators

20292121_1062592810544004_539259057_nMy name is Esther Jones and I am an English Literature student. My hobbies and interests are based upon my course as I am a complete and utter book worm. My other interests involved baking, cooking and just food in general. I am a coffee addict and I always love spending time with friends. My role as a hall group co-ordinator revolves around the hall leaders. I am there to support, encourage and to guide the hall group leaders in their leadership of the individual hall groups. I organise and lead the meetings in which all the hall group leaders gather together to discuss the Bible studies, agendas and practicalities of hall groups.


Hi, I’m Lydia and in my 3rd year of studying Ecology. I’m one of the hall group coordinators along with Esther Jones. We help the hall group leaders as they encourage the freshers in halls to share the good news of Jesus with other students in their accommodation.

Male Evangelism Co ordinator

“I am responsible for organising mission weeks and regular evangelistic events throughout the year with other committee members. My role also includes motivating and equipping the people for evangelism.”

Female Evangelism Co ordinator
Someone once described the place I come from as the village where the farmers literally have nothing to do. I come from a tiny village outside Bristol so uprooting to Cardiff for university has been an incredible adventure. God has been so good! I am currently studying Occupational Therapy and have very much fallen in love with the many coffee shops that Cardiff provides. Please come and make yourself known. I’d love to hear your story.
Evangelism is a privilege and a natural response to someone who has been gripped by Gospel and amazed by Jesus. Our role as evangelism co-ordinators means helping the CU to share the good news of the Gospel with as many students as possible in Cardiff. In a CU the size of Cardiff’s, we have a diverse range of evangelistic opportunities for CU members to get stuck into. From monthly lunchbars to club outreach, big events weeks and hall group missions, there is something for everyone. We really want you to feel welcome and excited at the unique opportunities university provides. So come and get involved!


Hi, I’m Festus and I am the treasurer of Cardiff CU for this coming year. I am coming onto my third year of studies in an undergraduate Biochemistry course and hope to do further studies in future. As the treasurer, I see my role as a ste4438B2B4-E6FC-40F3-8338-1C666484F3E9ward and facilitator of the CU’s actions how I can through managing funds and transactions. It’s been great serving together in the CU so far and hope to continue this with new faces coming in this year. The CU provides a great atmosphere to learn or discover more about your faith, make great friends from different walks of life and have fun while at it. I enjoy sports, walking, traveling and drinking tea. I would recommend coming to some of the things run by the CU such as the Hall group nights for freshers as I found out in my first year to be useful and important.

Send me questions about the CU or my university experience at : fslade1@gmail.com.



My name is Nia Conway, I study music and I do the publicity for the Christian Union. I IMG_5761make sure people know about weekly CU meeting’s and I publicise events like mission weeks, carol concerts and go weeks. My aim is during each patch of publicising for different events, I want to reach everyone in Cardiff University! I do this by constantly updating social media accounts (See the contact us page for more info 😉 ), by creating flyers and posters and decorating the city with them, website updates, T shirt making and many other random things.

I enjoy making music, seeing friends and eating good food.

I am not a professional (at all!!) and would love any tips. So if you have advice or want to get involved in anything, contact me; cucupublicity@yahoo.com

International Secretary 

Hi everyone! Welcome to Cardiff University’s Christian Union. I’m the International Secretary, who is responsible for welcoming and organising events for internationals. I was born in Hong Kong, grew up in London and Kyoto, Japan, and moved to Cardiff 2 years ago. Throughout this time, I have been to 8 schools before coming to Cardiff University, and I know and understand first-hand what its like to jump into a new environment without knowing who to talk to and how to live! I would really love to get to know you and be a good friend whether you’re an international or not. I study Education Studies in the Social Sciences, and I hope to become a teacher in the future. My church is Heath Evangelical Church, which has its own events for internationals to which everyone is welcome to! We really hope to see you at our events. All of the Christian Union welcomes you with a warm welcome!! Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.