Our Committee

Male President

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I’m Dom and I am a 2nd year Marine Geography Student. Alongside the Female President Lily, we lead the committee by supporting committee members and encouraging them each individually in their work and by leading weekly committee meetings. We step in where gaps need to be filled and try to keep a general overview of what is going on where so that we can do this effectively.

Contact me on malepresident.cfcu@gmail.com if you have any questions.


Female President

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Hey, I’m Lily and I am a 3rd year Optometry Student.
Dom and I work together to oversee the committee. We are so excited to welcome new people this year and answer any questions you may have (as well as be a friendly face in CU and on campus).

Contact me on femalepresident.cfcu@gmail.com if you have any questions 🙂



I’m Ellen and I am a 2nd year Music and Maths Student.  I’m the secretary for Christian Union, so I oversee communication with the students union and churches in Cardiff. 


Female Hall Groups Coordinator

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Hi I’m Ruth and I study History. James and I are in charge of organizing the Hall Group leaders to lead bible studies in their halls to equip people to share Christ confidently and creatively. We also put on regular events in halls as we believe it’s a unique area to reach people with the good news.





Male Hall Groups Coordinator

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Hey, I’m James and I study Pharmacy. As a Hall Group Coordinator, my role is to support and guide the Hall Group Leaders. In Hall Groups we come together once a month to go out into halls and share Christ, be that through a free cookie or inviting peope to a talk organised and run by you guys. Alongside this we meet once a week to journey together, open God’s Word to equip us in our witness to halls and share in prayer.



Male Evangelism Coordinator

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Hey, I’m Cameron and I am a 2nd year Medical Pharmacology Student. I work with Eleanor to drive the vision of CU – giving students in Cardiff the opportunity to meet Jesus. We’re the people who plan outreach events, look after our amazing evangelism sub team leaders and just generally encourage the CU to get excited about this class opportunity we have to share the gospel in the places that God has sent us. We’re always looking for new ways to reach out, so if you have any suggestions or any questions about anything at all, please get in touch!


Female Evangelism Coordinator

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Hello! My name is Eleanor and I study Religion and Theology. I work alongside Cam to organise events that reach out to the students of Cardiff throughout the year. Together with our sub-team leaders, we hope to enable everybody to get involved in sharing the love of Jesus all across campus. I love getting to know other students and will pretty much talk to anyone (lol). We always love hearing new ideas and I’m very excited to be serving and sharing with you!




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Heyy! I’m Amy G and I study Physics. My role as treasurer is to look after the Christian union’s finances. This involves setting budget for all the events. So if you need anything, or have any ideas, feel free to drop me a message :))






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Hey! I’m Amy K and I’m a 2nd year dentist. As “Promo” I’m in charge of the CU social media and creating posts/stories to let people know what’s going on (and ultimately not just showing them the CU but JESUS as well 🙂 ). As well as this I create the leaflets, posters and videos for our events. I’m always looking for more help, so if you’ve got any fab promo ideas, or are a wiz at photography/videography/are generally creative let me know, it would be great to hear from you!


International Secretary

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Hi, I’m Catrin and I study Pharmacy. As ‘International Sec’ I organise events for our international students (over 7,000 students in Cardiff Uni) which starts right from Freshers Week where we help out at international arrivals. Building friendships is very important and a great way to learn about different cultures and really make our international students feel welcome. There’s always a way of helping out with International events from helping out on hosting and welcome team to inviting your international friends, flat mates and course mates. Also if you’re an international you are SO welcome here 🙂



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Heya, I’m Lara and I am a 2nd year medic. We serve a mighty God who will use us to do mighty things – He is a God who Listens to His kids and cares about what they say. Prayer is a hugely important part of our CU ministry and essentially it is my job to make sure that that can happen! I organise the Monday morning and Friday lunchtime prayer meetings, the prayer at CU main meetings and any adhoc prayer related things. If you are passionate about prayer, or would like to become more so, and would like to get involved in any of these – you are a fabulous human and please get in touch!

I am also the worship team’s ‘committee link’ and we are looking to start regular prayer and worship nights soon, so GET EXCITED!