Our Committee

The Christian union has a committee and various sub-committees to help organise meetings, events, and missions.

Male President

I’m Ifan from Llanelli and I’m a second-year mechanical engineering student. I’m the male president of the CU for this year. I enjoy coffee and quoting Gavin and Stacey at every opportunity I get. My role is to lead and look after the committee along with Hannah (Female Pres). We’re the ones you should get in touch with about anything random about the CU and we’ll be able to answer your question, or at the very least direct you to someone who can!


Contact me on malepresident.cfcu@gmail.com if you have any questions about anything.

Female President

Hiya, I’m Hannah and I’m currently in second year studying Human Geography. I’m a big fan of being outside (classic geographer) and also am always up for a board game or two! I’ll be leading committee this year, along with Ifan. We want CU to be a place where everyone is welcome and where people feel comfortable to chat about the good news of Jesus. If you have any questions or ideas about CU we would love to hear from you or come and say hi!

Contact me on femalepresident.cfcu@gmail.com if you have any questions about anything.



I’m Esther and I’m currently studying occupational therapy. I really enjoy playing squash which I’ve recently taken up; I’m not very good but still manage to have fun playing it! I also really enjoy meeting up with people and getting to know them. I’m the secretary for Christian Union, so I communicate a lot with the students union and churches in Cardiff. Please feel free to contact me if you need any rooms or speakers booking or have any questions about that side of things!


Hall Group Coordinators

Hey! I’m Elizabeth, the new Hall Group Coordinator – which basically means I’m here to help Hall Group Leaders and the Hall Groups themselves share Christ confidently and creatively in their Halls! Other than that, I’m a massive bookworm from Snowdonia who studies English Literature and Creative Writing! If you’ve any questions feel free to track me down: I’m contactable via email, Facebook, post and carrier pigeon!




Male Evangelism Co ordinator

I’m Tom, I’m a third year Optometry student and the Male Evangelism Secretary this year. Raised in the rural depths of Legacurry in Northern Ireland, I run off a lot of my spare time and can be spotted pounding pavements all over Cardiff. Along with Ellie, I look after evangelism side of CU, organising events and helping you guys to share the good news of Jesus on campus! Keep an eye out for signup sheets and opportunities to evangelise, any questions about them, drop us a message.


Female Evangelism Co ordinator

Hello! my name’s Elisabeth(or Ellie for short) and am a physio student. I’m from Northern Ireland(centre of the universe), am a high-key cereal-addict and am opening obsessed with dachshunds. My role on the CU committee is female evangelism sec, which is basically making sure that everything we do as a CU is focused on the amazing and life-changing message of gospel – that God sent Jesus to die on the cross in our place for all the wrong we’d ever done, and that by believing in himwe can be completely forgiven and have a relationship with him – how incredible.



Heyy! My name’s Caleb (or call me Cal) and I’m a medical student from Cardiff. I love singing either in front of people or just at any moment of the day which will usually be a mix of the Greatest Showman, Les Mis or a random popular song. Along with singing, I play football, run a little and I’m a strong Liverpool supporter and a passionate Cymro (Welshman). I will be the Treasurer for the coming year which will involve presenting the CU with the money and resources so we can drive forward with mission on our campus. As I’ll hopefully have some hair on my head sometime soon I will look a little different to the person in this photo so if you want to spend any money, make sure you let me know by dropping me a message and I’m sure we could sort something out!



My name is Jannah and I’m a music student from Northern Ireland (yeooo)! Alongside making music and listening to music, I also love photography, travelling, the colour yellow, my dog and I think I have a coffee addiction… Anywayyy, I have the publicity role for the Christian Union this year, which means I get to run the social media accounts, letting you know about weekly cu meetings, mission weeks, go weeks, carol services and other events/information. I also make flyers/posters to stick up around Cardiff so that we can reach the people who might not follow these accounts. The aim is for everyone in our university to know about who we are, what we’re doing and where they can find us – but ultimately, why we do it and where they can find Jesus too. I constantly need help so if you’re keen or have any ideas (or just want to get coffee and chat), let me know! belljc1@cardiff.ac.uk


(x2) International Secretary

I’m Taya and I’m currently in my second year studying Human Geography. I love being outside, such as hiking, running or swimming (particularly on the coast and hopefully in sunny weather!). I also enjoy spending time with friends, either meeting up for coffee or any opportunity to bake or cook for people. I am one of the International Secretaries in the CU along with Estie. This mainly involves organising events to reach out to international student across campus, to show them love and encourage members of the CU to get involved with this. Please let me know if you have any ideas or questions about outreach for internationals and if you are an international student in Cardiff please get in touch – it would be lovely to meet you!


I’m Estie and I work alongside Taya as international secretary to arrange events aimed at reaching out to international students studying in Cardiff and helping them feel at home during their time here. I’m a first-year biomedical science student from a small village in Snowdonia and love the mountains and fresh air but my habit of getting lost has helped me appreciate the sights Cardiff has to offer. If you want to get involved or have any questions regarding international events please don’t hesitate to get in touch!



Hey, I’m Carys and I’m a first year chemist. I love travelling to far away countries and have never spent five years in the same place.  Food has a big place in my heart whether that’s cooking it or tasting it. Also, I’m a bit of a board game lover. Good food, good people and a highly competitive game of any kind and I’m happy.  Prayer Secretary is my role for the year and that covers prayer and worship.  So come to me if you have any questions about prayer in CU or anything worship related. Ideas, suggestions, or opinions are really appreciated. ❤