UCCF is a Christian charity that helps resource and equip the Christian unions around the UK and the World. They help Christian Unions put on weekly evangelistic events and yearly mission weeks; Story Cardiff.

Their values are;

Confident in the Truth: understand, celebrating and defending the truth of the gospel.

Urgent in evangelism: creative, engaging and persuasive proclamation of Christ crucified.

Passionate about unity: gathering and uniting all Christians around the essential truths of the gospel.

Committed to the local church: believing it is the primary and life-long place of Christian ministry and discipleship.

Motivated by grace: rejoicing in our salvation, serving one another and loving the lost.

Generous in world mission: endeavouring to give and send so as to reach the students of the world.

Staff Workers

Hello friends! I’m Hayley- your UCCF Staff Worker here at Cardiff University Christian Union. “What is a staff worker?” you may ask. Well my role is to support the CUs20133702_10154920915822737_1689986957_o in Cardiff (that’s you guys) as they give every student on campus an opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus. I will be seeking to equip, resource and encourage you to be most effective at sharing the great news of salvation with course mates, house mates and those who don’t yet know Jesus around your campus. This will look like some of the following:
– Working closely with the committee and other CU leaders to encourage and develop them as disciples of Christ and to lead the CU faithfully, joyfully and with their eyes on the gospel at all times. This will be through one-to-one and small group Bible studies.

– Running effective evangelism training to empower ALL of you to share the gospel of Jesus creatively, engagingly and passionately! That might be through seminars, talks or one-off training events.

– Coming alongside you in mission; praying with and for you, and helping with the planning of evangelistic events. In particular, I’ll be supporting you with your autumn term events week!
It is a great privilege to be involved in this work, and to come alongside such a super CU- one that I was a part of myself! In 2015 I volunteered with UCCF on their Relay programme which meant I was involved with discipling and encouraging students in their walks with Jesus through bible studies, talks and serving alongside them in their events and everyday evangelism. I was also privileged enough to get to serve on the CU committee for 2 years in my time as a student- in my first year as the treasurer, and then the president in my 2nd year. I have a real heart for the work of Cardiff University Christian Union and hope I can encourage each of you as you seek to serve your Father on campus, through your studies, events and by sharing the gospel everyday.

Myself, and the rest of the staff team here in Cardiff are here for you- so if we can help, serve or encourage you in any way please just let us know (even if you just need someone to treat you to coffee and a cake!).
I look forward to getting to know you all over the coming years.

Lots of love in Christ, Hayley.

Sam_Liu_2Sam is a proud Yorkshireman, bringing an Oriental flavour to South Wales. He and his wife Esther are based in Cardiff and team up to support the CUs in South East Wales.

Sam studied Economics at university but it was only after graduating that he realised that Jesus was Lord over his degree subject. He is now passionate about helping students enjoy their studies as they understand that they matter deeply to God. It is one of his biggest regrets that he didn’t fully comprehend what it could look like to study for the glory of God and enjoy Him through it – so he loves helping students to love their Saviour and their subject at the same time.

Sam loves what Christian Unions stand for – giving every student a chance to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. He was involved with the CU at Cardiff as a student and understands how fun, exciting, and terrifying sharing your faith with your friends can be. He is really excited to help students to enjoy living and speaking for Jesus on campus.

In a previous life, Sam was a semi-professional librarian, an energy company trouble shooter, and school furniture salesman. However, his favourite past job was his year he spent as a Relay worker – UCCF’s internship.

When he has downtime, Sam loves to play board games, burn pallets, and watch sport – sometimes all at once.