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Dear International Student,

If you are arriving in Cardiff for your first time – WELCOME to Cardiff, to Wales and to the UK! Croeso i Gaerdydd!

We are so excited to have you here, and we can’t wait to meet you.

We are the Christian Union at Cardiff University. We’re a community of Christian students who want to welcome you, and make friends with you. We love connecting with international students, from all countries, backgrounds, languages, religions and cultures. We hope that’ll you’ll enjoy your time studying here every bit as much as we love having you. 🙂

We know that life looks a little different right now, but we’re still here to support you, and we’d love to get to know you! Please get in contact with us through our facebook, instagram, or by email (below). We’re planning to have weekly events, like playing casual sports outside, or welcoming people round to our houses for a meal. We’ll also hold special events for St. David’s Day, Christmas and other cultural occasions!

We would love to hear about your religion and worldview, and share some of ours too. We believe in Jesus, who came to earth to welcome all people back to harmony with the one true God. He promised that one day, people from every country and language will go and join him in his heavenly kingdom, which will be a wonderful place. This good news is what unites us and inspires us, and we love sharing it with people who are interested.

We hope and pray that you have a very memorable time here in Cardiff, and think of it as your new home!

Raphael – International Coordinator


The International Team: