Living Water

Living Water is an outreach programme run weekly by the Christian Union. We hand out free hot drinks outside the Students Union on Wednesday and Saturday nights. Our vision is to give the Christian Union a positive presence on campus by serving other students and helping them out.

We want to share the great love of Jesus with people by chatting to them and along the way giving them an opportunity to hear and engage with the amazing good news of the Gospel. Also, we hope to encourage Christians to share something of the Gospel with friends and other students, and to follow up with students who have taken an interest.

Prayer points:

  • God would use Living Water to give the Christian Union and the Gospel a positive presence on campus.
  • We would be able to help out people on their way home from the club.
  • That through Living Water the Gospel would reach students on campus.
  • That God would provide the people, resources, and energy needed for it to be run regularly through the year.

Living Water Sub Committee:

Leah (Geography) and Silas (Ancient History)