Living Water

Living Water is an outreach programme run by the Christian Union that aims to love and serve students on campus and share the amazing news of the Gospel with them. We do this by serving water and hot drinks such as tea and hot chocolate for free from 11pm onwards outside the Student Union on Wednesday and Saturday nights, chatting with students and if the opportunity arises sharing something of the good news of Jesus. This year it will be run by me (Johnny Ling – studying Philosophy) and Jared Harris (studying History and Philosophy).

Our vision for Living Water is firstly that it would run each Wednesday and Saturday night every week, and that we would increase people’s recognition of the CU as a positive presence on campus. Also, that Christians would be encouraged to directly share something of the Gospel with friends and strangers, and that we would be able to follow up with students who have taken an interest. Most importantly, the aim is show the love of Jesus to students on campus and for them to accept the great news of the Gospel for themselves and be saved.

Prayer points would be that:
– We would have good numbers of wiling volunteers
– God would provide energy for those who are leading and taking part consistently over the year
– That the various aspects of the vision of Living Water would be accomplished
– That ultimately, the Gospel would reach students on campus
– That God would be glorified as a result