Main Meetings

We’ll have more updates on our main meetings as the term progresses, our plan for September is to continue to meet together – whether online or in person! We’ll be breaking into smaller groups called Impact Groups in these meetings to help us stay connected with one another!

Impact Groups are an opportunity for every CU member to meet in a smaller missionally minded community focused on equipping and encouraging one another for evangelism. We meet weekly as part of the CU’s main meeting to get inspired by the word, empowered in fellowship and prayer, and challenged to be bold for Christ in the coming week. Impact Groups exist to foster personal evangelism, inclusive Christian community, and a passion to know God better to make him better known!

Our Welcome Leader Lydia

“Hi I’m Lydia and as a CU we’re all super excited to meet you this September! It’s my aim as welcome leader to make sure that we as a CU are welcoming as you arrive and during our weekly meetings and events! Our meetings will look a little different this term but we can’t wait to see you there and enjoy them in a new format!”

For the Summer term we were unable to meet physically so we started a podcast, feel free to check it out below

Thursday Testimony?

Jane Doe