Our committee


Hi, I’m Ellen and I’m going into my third year of Maths and Music. I’m from Milton Keynes and I’ll be the CU president this year. I’m a big fan of long walks, stripy t shirts and cups of tea. If you have any questions, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!


Hello – my name is Lydia and I’m a second year studying Theology and Religion. I enjoy reading and exploring London where I live. I’m secretary for the CU but feel free to be in touch with any questions or thoughts you might have!

Male Evangelism Secretary

Hey! I’m Jonny and I’m the Male Evangelism Secretary for the CU. I work with Katie to get the CU hyped for spreading the Gospel throughout the uni, as well as helping to put on outreach events such as our mission week! I’m a 2nd year psychology student and one of my favourite places in Cardiff is the Cinema, it’s so cheap! (I went at least 8 times in 4 weeks last year, oops!)

Female Evangelism Secretary

My name’s Katie! I’m the Female Evangelism Secretary. I’m a second year studying English Language and Linguistics. I enjoy dancing, eating food, one of my favourite places in Cardiff is The Table which do an out-of-this-world hot chocolate. You think you know hot chocolate, think again!


Hello! My name is Lucy Byatt and I am a second year Geography student! My role as treasurer is to look after the finances of the CU so that we can hold our events and the mission team opportunities. This involves budgeting, fundraising, and (a lot of) planning, but I am so excited to be serving alongside everyone in the CU and cannot wait to see how God is going to move on our campus! If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to get in touch and hope to see you soon!

Promotion Secretary

Hiya, I’m Darby and I am studying Computer Science! You can usually find me looking after my plants, watching strange documentaries or meeting up with someone in one of Cardiff’s many coffee spots! My role in the CU is promotion secretary which basically means all things social media, design and publicity! I’m always open to suggestions and help so if you’re creative in anyway, feel free to get in contact:)

International Secretary

My name is Raphael, I’ve been at Cardiff University for 2 years now and I study Medicine. I love playing basketball and music with my friends (not at the same time of course!), and opening up Mark’s gospel with a friend over a pint. My favourite pub in Cardiff is The Heath – do check it out!

Prayer Secretary

I’m Phoebe and I’m a 2nd year Occupational Therapy student and the CU prayer sec! My favourite things to do are painting, surfing, and being in the ‘Diff! Our God is the reason we are here, the reason we are doing everything we do as a CU, and apart from him we can do absolutely nothing! So, in order to make sure we get everything done, we have to make prayer a priority. Prayer is our way to connect with our amazing Heavenly Father and align our desires with his- and my job is to coordinate that! Practically this looks like organising prayer meetings, prayer and praise sessions (I am the worship team’s committee link *big woop* 🤩🙏) general prayer at main meetings, and prayer for events. I’m so excited to get serving and praying alongside you all!! It’s going to be a fantastic year!!

Hall Groups Co-ordinator